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Local insights are an important ingredient of our "OneAgency" network approach, facilitating the development of centrally conceived strategy and creative concepts.
We are regularly updating fact-finding collected from a variety of sources, covering markets, trends and more generally issues cross-border marketers are particularly interested in.

The growth of internet in Russia (2012-05-29)

With a growth of 14% in 2011, Russia now counts 53m internet connections, Europe’s largest ahead of Germany and lots of room for further expansion. Yet a (still) modest 18% of this population shop online and Russian advertisers only spend 9% of their

Poland: leading the way in central Europe (2010-12-20)

Poland has proved to be Europe’s most dogged economy during the last two years. It was the only EU country to avoid recession and has proved to be remarkably resistant to financial pressures.

Australia: the best kept marketing secret. (2010-11-30)

In a recent consumer survey, Nielsen has ranked Australia 4th of 55 in terms of market confidence, behind India, Indonesia and Norway.

Selling luxury goods in China (2010-10-25)

With most Western markets still recovering from recession, many marketers are tempted to look at China as their favourite bright spot. This is of particular importance for the luxury goods sector. Research by McKinsey reveals that by 2015 China will

Why advertisers are disregarding baby boomers (2010-08-17)

Advertisers tend to disregard the “grey” market. Yet there are signs that the divide is closing because of the possibilities offered by digital-led approaches.

The Turkish marketing scene in a nutshell (2009-12-24)

Unlike most other countries in the region, Turkey’s marketing communications scene didn’t have to build itself from scratch...

A guide to the Russian media & marketing scene (2007-10-20)

17 out of the 20 largest advertisers in Russia are foreign-owned companies. Whilst the level of media investments is still lagging...

The « OneAgency » concept (2006-01-01)

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