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The best global is local

Interpartners worldwide network comprises three geographic regions: Europe, the Americas and Australasia.

Unlike others networks who "sell" what they have, this system provides a flexible, customized service with commonly accepted benchmarks. Clients are welcome to draw on each or all of the partners and benefit from jointly financed back up facilities.


see also Australasia, The Americas and The Middle East


open close PlanB

Website: http://www.planb.at

Rechte Wienzeile 19
1040 Wien

Phone: +43 1 512 18020
Fax: +43 1 58 56 168

Interpartners contact person
Gregor Jasch - jasch@planb.at

Management team     open close

Gregor Jasch
Email: jasch@planb.at

Key clients     open close

Sector: Fashion
Website: http://amnesiashop.com

Biogen Idec
Sector: Pharma

Bramac Roofing System
Sector: Building
Website: http://www.bramac.at

Sector: Tourism
Website: http://www.brandner.at

Cafe Bierbeisl Einstein
Sector: Tourism
Website: http://www.einstein.at

Casa Mexico
Sector: Food
Website: http://www.casamexico.at

Sector: Green energy
Website: http://www.eaton.com

Hotel Alpen-Karawanserai
Sector: Tourism
Website: http://www.alpenkarwawanserai.at

Kwizda Agro
Sector: Crop protection goods
Website: http://www.kwizda-agro.at

Murauer Beer
Sector: Beverage
Website: http://www.murauerbier.eu

Sector: Paper
Website: http://www.polehnia.at

Sector: Finance & Insurance
Website: http://www.rlbnoew.at

Sappi Papier
Sector: Paper
Website: http://www.sappi.com

Sector: Electronic
Website: http://www.sharp.at

Sector: Building
Website: http//www.velux.at


open close Art Grup
Art Grup

Mother company: Art Grup. Originally founded to service trans-regional Turkish clients, gradually establishing themselves as recognised agencies on the Albanian and Azerbaijan markets.

Website: http://www.artgrup.com
Founded: 2009

Rasul Rza 19 App 9
Az 1000 Baku

Phone: +994 (12) 492 6318 - 20
Fax: +994 12 492 6337

Interpartners contact person
Fehmi Özkan - fehmiozkan@artgrup.com

Management team     open close

Fehmi Özkan
Email: fehmiozkan@artgrup.com

Key clients     open close

Sector: Medical
Website: http://www.abdiibrahim.com.tr

Sector: Banking and Financial Services
Website: http://www.aktifbank.com.tr

Always - (Azerbaijan)
Sector: Health and Beauty Care
Website: http://www.always.com

Azersun (Azerbaijan)
Sector: Beverages
Website: http://www.azersun.com

Bakcell - (Azerbaijan)
Sector: Telecom
Website: http://www.bakcell.com

BKT - (Albania)
Sector: Banking and Financial Services
Website: http://www.bkt.com.al

Sector: Food
Website: http://www.danone.com

Sector: Furniture
Website: http://www.serel.com.tr

P&G (Ariel, Blend a Med, Always, Wash & Go)
Sector: Detergent and body care
Website: http://www.pg.com


open close Armando Testa
Armando Testa

The Brussels agency (ex-Redleg) is linked with Armando Testa, providing multi-disciplinary communication facilities to a range of national and international clients. The agency’s e-driven digital unit (BeeJee) offers experienced data management consultancy integrated in a cross-the-line context.

Website: http://www.armando-testa.eu
Founded: 1984 / 2009
Staff: 9

Willeriekse dreef 20 1160 Brussels

Phone: +32 2 678 06 06
Fax: +32 2 678 06 07

Interpartners contact person
Philippe Gelder - philippe.gelder@armando-testa.eu
Direct line: +32 2 678 06 01
Mobile: +32 475 26 56 97

Management team     open close

Philippe Gelder
Email: philippe.gelder@armando-testa.eu

Client Service
Julie Tummers
Email: julie.tummers@armando-testa.eu

Key clients     open close

Bofferding and Battin (Brasserie Munhowen)
Sector: Beer
Website: http://www.munhowen.lu

Caroline Swolfs
Sector: Jewellery
Website: http://www.carolineswolfs.be

CDA brands (Compagnie des Alpes)
Sector: Leisure
Website: http://www.compagniedesalpes.com

Sector: Licensing
Website: http://www.cuistax.com

Sector: Gastronomic events
Website: http://www.culinariasquare.com

Fiat Automotive Group Belux
Sector: Automotive
Website: http://www.fiatgroup.com

Sector: Drinks and coffee systems
Website: http://www.fountain.be

GINI - Orangina Schweppes Group
Sector: Beverage
Website: http://www.gini.be

HRGovernance Alert
Sector: Human Resource services
Website: http://www.hralert.be

Lancia Belux
Sector: Automotive
Website: http://www.lancia.be

Media Markt Belgium
Sector: Retail
Website: http://mediamarkt.be

Moving People
Sector: International healthcare recruitment
Website: http://www.movingpeople.com

Walibi Europe
Sector: Leisure
Website: http://www.walibi.com


open close Interpartners Advertising PLC
Interpartners Advertising PLC

The agency was among the first full service shops to appear on the market in 1992 and is currently ranking among the top 10 independent players. Two units work side by side: Interpartners (advertising) and InterImage (public relations and events) (www.interimage.bg).
The agency has established a joint venture providing online DM and digital services.

Website: http://www.interpartners.bg
Founded: 1992
Staff: 17

Dimitar Hadjikotsev Street 94 Floor 4
BG - 1421 Sofia

Phone: +359 2 963 31 84
Fax: +359 2 963 31 91

Interpartners contact person
Katya Dimitrova - katya.dimitrova@interpartners.bg
Direct line: +359 2 865 05 86
Mobile: +359 888804345
Skype: Katya.Dimitrova

Management team     open close

Managing Partner
Katya Dimitrova
Email: katya.dimitrova@interpartners.bg

Client Service Director
Elissaveta Tarpanova
Email: elissaveta.tarpanova@interpartners.bg

Creative Director
Daniela Konstantinova
Email: daniela.konstaninova@interpartners.bg

PR & media relations
Victoria Ivanova
Email: victoria.ivanova@interimage.bg

Key clients     open close

Sector: Pharma
Website: http://www.abbott.bg

BILLA Bulgaria
Sector: Retail / supermarket
Website: http://www.billa.bg

Sector: Pharma
Website: http://www.gsk.com

Sector: Retail (sport)
Website: http://www.intersport.bg

Ministry of Finance
Sector: Public administration
Website: http://www.minfin.bg

Nedelya Pastry
Sector: Pastry chain

OTP / DSK Bank
Sector: Banking & Finance
Website: https://www.dskbank.bg

Sector: Spirits
Website: http://www.pernod-ricard.com

SUZUKI Bulgaria
Sector: Automotive
Website: http://www.suzuki.bg

XELLA / Ytong
Sector: Building materials
Website: http://www.xella-group.com


open close Logic Marketing
Logic Marketing

The agency not only delivers fully integrated above and below the line resources, it has also developed a highly regarded consulting unit with enhanced brand design capabilities.

Website: http://www.logic.hr
Staff: 11

Medimurska 21
1000 Zagreb, Hrvatska

Interpartners contact person
Frane Čupić - frane.cupic@logic.hr

Management team     open close

Managing Director
Frane Čupić
Email: frane.cupic@logic.hr

Creative Director
Alen Stojanac
Email: alen.stojanac@logic.hr

Account Manager
Ana Končić Šebek
Email: ana.koncic.sebek@logic.hr

Key clients     open close

Sector: Pharmaceutical
Website: http://www.abbott.com

City of Daruvar
Sector: Tourism, City Development

Croatian Tourist Board
Sector: Tourism
Website: http://www.croatia.hr

Sector: IT
Website: http://www.integragroup.hr

Sector: Finance
Website: http://www.intercapital.hr

Sector: FMCG
Website: http://www.meggle.ba

Sector: Retail
Website: http://www.obi.com.hr

Phoenix Farmacija
Sector: Pharmaceutical
Website: http://www.adiva.hr

Procter and Gamble, Max Factor
Sector: Beauty
Website: http://www.pg.com.hr

Stipić Group
Sector: Furniture, Construction
Website: http://www.stipic.hr


open close Hemisphere Droit
Hemisphere Droit

Hemisphere Droit is is a fully independent agency presided by Frank Tapiro. They have been selected Best Independent Agency of the Year during four years in a row.(2004 to 2007). Hemisphere Droit has been operating successfully for an impressive list of blue-chip international as well as domestic FMCG clients, including: Virgin Mobile France, Virgin Radio, Lancia, Alfa Romeo, le groupement Les Mousquetaires, Fortuneo, Connexion, POWEO, Sunny Delight, Humex, Party Gaming, Walibi, La Halle aux Chaussures,... Their offices are based in the Clichy neighbourhood across the river Seine.

Website: http://www.hemispheredroit.com
Founded: 1996
Staff: 30

7 Passage du Puits Bertin
92110 Clichy (Paris)

Phone: +33 (1) 58 740 826
Fax: +33 (1) 58 740 748

Interpartners contact person
Patrick Allouche - patrick.allouche@hemispheredroit.com
Mobile: +33 06 70 47 16 16

Management team     open close

Frank Tapiro
Email: frank.tapiro@hemispheredroit.com

Vice President
Patrick Allouche
Email: patrick.allouche@hemispheredroit.com

Creative Director
Olivier Rabinel
Email: olivier.rabinel@hemispheredroit.com

Key clients     open close

Action contre la faim
Sector: Non-governmental organisation
Website: http://www.actioncontrelafaim.org

Alfa Romeo
Sector: Automotive
Website: http://alfaromeo.fr

Sector: Accessory
Website: http://www.bicworld.com/fr

Sector: Retail
Website: http://www.connexion.fr

Sector: Banking
Website: http://www.fortuneo.fr

Sector: Medication
Website: http://www.humex.fr

Sector: Home furnishing
Website: http://www.ikea.fr

La Halle aux Chaussures
Sector: Online shoe shop
Website: http://www.lahalleauxchaussures.com

Sector: Automotive
Website: http://www.lancia.fr

Le groupement Les Mousquetaires
Sector: Retail
Website: http://www.mousquetaires.com

Sector: Flight search engine
Website: http://www.liligo.fr

Sector: Food
Website: http://www.marie.fr

Sector: Beverage
Website: http://www.nestea.fr

Party Gaming
Sector: Leisure
Website: http://partypoker.fr

Sector: Power supply
Website: http://www.poweo.fr

Sunny Delight
Sector: Fruit juice
Website: http://www.poweo.fr

Virgin Mobile
Sector: Mobile operator
Website: http://virginmobile.fr

Virgin Radio
Sector: Broadcast
Website: http://virginradio.fr

Walibi Europe
Sector: Leisure
Website: www.walibi.com

open close Okó

Ranks among the top 50 independent agencies. High level of client loyalty built on 10 points “Quality Charter”. Integrated off/on line structure marked by strategic approach to creative and below resources. Subsidiary office in Nantes (Loire Atlantique).

Website: http://www.oko.fr
Founded: 1993
Staff: 30

21, rue Georges Boisseau
92110 Clichy (Paris)

Phone: +33 1 7471 4646
Fax: +33 1 7471 4680

Interpartners contact person
Hervé Francès - hfrances@oko.fr
Direct line: + 33 1 74 71 46 60
Mobile: + 33 6 72 53 65 11

Management team     open close

Hervé Francès
Email: hfrances@oko.fr

Key clients     open close

Air France
Sector: Airline
Website: http://www.airfrance.com

Sector: Insurance
Website: http://www.aviva.fr

BPI (Beauté Prestige International)
Sector: Beauty
Website: http://www.bpi-sa.com

Groupe VOLKSWAGEN France (Audi /Seat)
Sector: Automotive
Website: http://www.gr-vw.fr

INA (Institut National de l’Audiovisuel)
Sector: Media
Website: http://www.ina.fr

Sector: Social protection
Website: http://www.novalistaitbout.com

Sector: Association (mental handicap)
Website: http://www.perce-neige.org

Sector: Energy
Website: http://www.total.com

Val d’Europe
Sector: Shopping mall
Website: http://www.valdeurope.fr/


open close SELECTNY.

We are creative entrepreneurs with commercial common sense.

We are a privately owned, global network comprised of brand building professionals, who working seamlessly across disciplines and geographies.

Our product: Magic with Logic™. We unite executional excellence with strategic soundness to design substantive, emotionally evocative brand programs.

Website: http://www.selectny.com
Founded: 1991
Staff: 400

Koblenz office:
Schlossstrasse 1
DE-56068 Koblenz

Hamburg office:
Hoheluftchaussee, 18
DE – 20253 Hamburg

Phone: Koblenz +49 261 972 610 / Hamburg +49 40 4502190

Fax: Koblenz + 49 261 972 6111 / Hamburg +49 40 4502 21910

Interpartners contact person
Gerhard Aretz - garetz@selectny.com
Annette Kunst - akunst@selectny.com

Management team     open close

Herwig Preis
Email: hpreis@selectny.com

Gerhard Aretz
Email: garetz@selectny.com

Managing Director Hamburg
Annette Kunst
Email: akunst@selectny.com

Key clients     open close

Aktion Mensch
Sector: Social lottery
Website: http://www.aktion-mensch.de

Sector: Marketing Company/ Cosmetics
Website: http://www.amway.com

Sector: Tobacco & Lifestyle products
Website: http://www.davidoff.com

Davidoff Fragrances
Sector: Fragrances
Website: http://www.davidoff.com/fragrances

Sector: World largest Bone Marrow Donor Center
Website: http://www.dkms.de

Sector: European largest Cosmetic and Fragrance retailer
Website: http://www.douglas.de

Jennifer Lopez Fragrances
Sector: Fragrances
Website: http://www.jenniferlopezbeauty.com

Joop! Fragrances
Sector: Fragrances
Website: http://www.joop.com

Sector: Cosmetics
Website: http://www.lancaster.de

Miss Sixty
Sector: Fashion & Accessories
Website: http://www.misssixty.com

Sector: Hair Care
Website: http://www.nioxin.com

Sector: Hair care
Website: http://www.sebastianprofessional.com

Sector: Luxury goods
Website: http://www.swarovski.com

Sector: Bookshop chain
Website: http://www.thalia.de

Sector: Watches
Website: http://www.shoptissot.com

Triumph International
Sector: Lingerie
Website: http://www.triumph.com

Vidal Sassoon
Sector: Hair Care
Website: http://www.sassoon.com

Villeroy & Boch
Sector: Ceramic manufacturer
Website: http://www.villeroy-boch.de

Sector: Hair care
Website: http://www.wella.com

Sector: Nature conservation organization
Website: http://www.wwf.de


open close SOLID Advertising
SOLID Advertising

The Solid Group was founded in 1991 and now comprises three main divisions: the advertising agency, a PR/Media Relations team and a DM/Sales promotion unit. Also provided Sports marketing expertise. ISO certification was acquired in 2004, underlining the group’s organisational skills.

Website: http://www.solid.gr

Artemidos Street, 3
GR – Athens 15125

Phone: +30 210 817 2100
Fax: +30 210 685 5009

Interpartners contact person
Stavros Leousis - sleou@solid.gr

Management team     open close

Stavros Leoussis
Email: sleou@solid.gr

Managing Director
Panayotis Boukas
Email: pbok@solid.gr

Client Service Director
Loukas Petrounias
Email: loukas@solid.gr

Creative Director
Spyros Aronis

Head of PR
Anna Foudouli

Key clients     open close

Sector: Stationery & Shavers
Website: http://www.bicworld.com

Sector: Incecticides
Website: http://www.eureka.com.gr

Fromageris BEL
Sector: FMCG - Public Relations
Website: http://www.bel-group.com

Sector: Retail (sports)
Website: http://www.intersport.gr

Sector: FMCG
Website: http://www.jotis.gr

Sector: Sliced bread
Website: http://www.karamolegos-bkr.gr

Sector: White appliances
Website: http://www.liebherr.com

Sector: Confectionery
Website: http://www.mentos.com

Piraeus Bank
Sector: Bank - below the line
Website: http://www.piraeusbank.gr

Sector: FMCG brands
Website: http://www.elais.gr

Sector: Personal & Home care brands
Website: http://www.elais.gr


open close Hammer Advertising
Hammer Advertising

Hammer is a proudly independent agency, providing ATL-BTL-Digital integrated services from concept ideas to execution. The agency is well known for its creative skills and experience in retail, FMCG, tourism, and financial services.

Website: http://www.hammer-ad.com
Founded: 1997
Staff: 57

Farkastorki Ut, 18
HU – 1037 Budapest

Phone: +36 1 453 5090
Fax: +36 1 368 6438

Interpartners contact person
Peter Szoboszlay & Viktoria Ficzere-Fort - szoboszlay@hammer-ad.com & viktoria.ficzere-fort@hammer-ad.com
Mobile: +36 309346348 / +36 30 399 79 99

Management team     open close

Managing Director
Peter Szoboszlay
Email: szoboszlay@hammer-ad.com

Managing Director
Viktoria Ficzere-Fort
Email: viktoria.ficzere-fort@hammer-ad.com

Group Account Director
Veronika Feher
Email: vera.feher@hammer-ad.com

Creative Director
Bettina Fuleki
Email: bettina.fuleki@hammer-ad.com

Key clients     open close

Douwe Egberts / Pickwick
Sector: Beverages
Website: http://www.pickwick.hu

Sector: Voucher
Website: http://www.feldobox.hu

Fiat Hungary /Alfa, Lancia
Sector: Automotive
Website: http://www.fiat.hu

GFK Hungaria
Sector: Marketing Research
Website: http://www.gfk.hu

National Lottery (Szerencsejatek Zrt.)
Sector: Gambling
Website: http://www.szerencsejatek.hu

Procter & Gamble
Sector: Hair Care
Website: http://www.pg.com

PSZAF (Hungarian Financial Supervisory Authority)
Sector: Public Financial Services
Website: http://www.pszaf.hu

SCA / Zewa
Sector: Personal Care Products
Website: http://www.zewa.hu

Sector: Retail
Website: http://www.tesco.hu

Tesco Mobile
Sector: Telecommunication
Website: http://www.tescomobile.hu

Tunisian National Tourist Office
Sector: Tourism
Website: http://www.tourismtunisia.com


open close Studio Piu & Mirus Group
Studio Piu & Mirus Group

Founded by the former management team of Leo Burnett in the “golden eighties’. The next generation is now looking ahead by a recent initiative to join forces with Mirus (www.mirus.it), one of Italy’s strongest regional players. The new combination provides a comprehensive and fully fledged reservoir of well-structured and organized resources.

Website: http://www.studiopiu.it
Founded: 1979
Staff: 66

Via Civerchio, 4
IT – 20159 Milano

Via B.Buozzi, 53
IT – 00197 Roma

Via delle Caserme, 85
IT – 65127 Pescara

Also office in Macerata

Phone: +39 2 8739 9700 (Milano) / + 39 6 8082 841 (Roma)
+39 85 4549 545 (Pescara)
Fax: +39 2 795 775 (Milano) / + 39 6 8083 963 (Roma)
+39 85 4513 951 (Pescara)

Interpartners contact person
Daniele de Caro - daniele.decaro@studiopiu.it
Mobile: +39 34 83145158

Management team     open close

Dr Michele Russo
Email: m.russo@mirus.it

Brunello de Caro
Email: brunello.decaro@studiopiu.it

Client Director
Daniele de Caro
Email: daniele.decaro@studiopiu.it

New Business (Mirus)
Sandra Buonarota
Email: s.buonarota@mirus.it

Key clients     open close

Agip Rete
Sector: Automotive

Aqua Santa Croce
Sector: Mineral water
Website: http://www.acquasantacroce.it

Autostrada per l’Italia
Sector: Transport
Website: http://www.autostrade.it

Sector: Finance
Website: http://azimut.it

Broker Italia
Sector: Insurance

Sector: Watches
Website: http://www.citizenwatch.com

Sector: Dairy
Website: http://www.cuomo.it

Sector: Household products
Website: http://www.facco.it

Gelco (Perfetti)
Sector: Confectionery
Website: http://www.gelco.it

J Colors
Sector: Paint
Website: http://www.jcolors.it

Sector: Agricultural products
Website: http://www.monsanto.com

Sector: Food
Website: http://www.saquella.it

Sector: Hygiene
Website: http://www.sodalco.it


open close Capital Communications
Capital Communications

Capital Communications  is a formally structured group integrating 4 specialized  facilities comprising Capital Events, Capital PR, Sky Interpartners (www.sky.ma) (a division specialised in B2B marketing campaigns) and Cap Incentive (travel solutions & incentives). The agency has built a network of associates, geared to servicing clients across the MENA (Middle East & North Africa) region.

Website: http://www.capitalevents.ma
Founded: 2000
Staff: 30

280 Bd. Bir Anzarane
MA - 20100 Casablanca

Phone: +212 5 22984898
Fax: +212 5 22981398

Interpartners contact person
Adil Lazrak - adil.lazrak@sky.ma

Management team     open close

Adil Lazrak
Email: adil.lazrak@sky.ma

Key clients     open close

Altadis Cigars
Sector: Tobacco
Website: http://www.altadis.com

Attijariwafa Bank
Sector: Finance
Website: http://www.attijariwafabank.com

CGEM (Confederation of Morocco Companies)
Sector: Public services
Website: http://www.cgem.ma

CMPE (Exportation promotion)
Sector: Public services

CNIA Saada
Sector: Insurance
Website: http://www.cniasaada.ma

Excellium (Lesieur Cristal)
Sector: Food
Website: http://www.lesieurcristal.ma

Sector: Information systems
Website: http://www.hp.com

Isaaf Mondial Assistance
Sector: Insurance
Website: http://www.mondial-assistance.ma

Sector: Automotive
Website: http://www.iveco.ma

Jet Sakane
Sector: Real Estate
Website: http://www.jetsakane.ma

Lilas Park
Sector: Real Estate

MCINET (Ministry for Commerce, Industry & NT)
Sector: Public services

Sector: Information systems
Website: http://www.microsoft.com

Sector: Energy industry

ONA Holding
Sector: Finance & Banking
Website: http://www.ona.ma

ONMT (Maroccan Tourism Office)
Sector: Public services
Website: http://www.onmt.org.ma

Sector: Food & Beverage
Website: http://www.pinozzo.com

Premium Auto (Geely)
Sector: Automotive
Website: http://www.geely.ma

The Coca-Cola company
Sector: Food & Beverage
Website: http://www.thecoca-colacompany.com

The government of Morocco
Sector: Public services


open close Pegasus Advertising & PR
Pegasus Advertising & PR

The Pegasus Group is composed of an advertising and PR team, both well integrated in their respective market segments. Pegasus ranks among the top 10 independent Polish agencies. Services are extended to the Baltic markets.

Website: http://www.pegasus.pl
Founded: 1991
Staff: 45

ul. Korfantego 8a,
01-496 Warszawa

Phone: +48 (22) 877 2218
Fax: +48 (22) 877 2219

Interpartners contact person
Pawel Rokicki - p.rokicki@pegasus.pl
Direct line: +48 609 537 464

Management team     open close

Slawomir Chmielewski
Email: s.chmielewski@pegasus.pl

Managing Director
Pawel Rokicki
Email: p.rokicki@pegasus.pl

Client Service Director
Tomasz Chmielecki
Email: t.chmielecki@pegasus.pl

Creative Director
Kacper Glabicki
Email: k.glabicki@pegasus.pl

Key clients     open close

Sector: Chemical solutions for agroscience
Website: http://www.arysta.pl

Braas / RuppCeramika
Sector: Building materials
Website: http://www.monier.pl

Sector: Shoes
Website: http://www.deichmann.com

Douglas Perfumerie
Sector: Perfumerie Chain
Website: http://www.douglas.pl

Sector: Building materials
Website: http://www.lafarge.pl

Sector: Automotive
Website: http://www.mercedes-benz.com

Sector: Building materials
Website: http://www.nordglass.pl

Sector: Lighting
Website: http://www.osram.com

Procter & Gamble/Wella
Sector: Hair care
Website: http://www.pg.com

Sector: Building materials
Website: http://www.sopro.com


open close GAV

Lucian Georgescu was President of BBDO Romania before meeting Marius Rosu and transformed GAV (General Audiovizual) a former production company (dating 1995), into a creative hot shop. The agency is known for the excellence of its commercials (Lucian is teaching at the National Film Academy). Marius’ creative skills are expressed through successful work for a range of international as well as local advertisers.

Website: http://www.gav.ro
Founded: 2003
Staff: 15

Plantelor Street 48
Sector 2
RO - 023975 Bucharest

Phone: +40 (0)21 31 71 356
Fax: +40 (0)21 31 71 286

Interpartners contact person
Lucian Georgescu - luciang@gav.ro
Mobile: +40 723131616

Management team     open close

Managing Director
Lucian Georgescu
Email: luciang@gav.ro

New Business Director
Eugen Soineanu
Email: eugen@gav.ro

Key clients     open close

Sector: Retail
Website: http://www.billa.ro

Sector: Retail
Website: http://www.intersport.ro

Sector: Automotive
Website: http://www.mercedes-benz.ro

New Look Romania
Sector: Fashion
Website: http://newlook.com

OBI Romania
Sector: DIY retail
Website: http://www.obi.ro

Post Master Romania
Sector: Mail service
Website: http://www.post-master.ro

Procter & Gamble Wella
Sector: Hair care
Website: http://www.pg.com

Raiffeisen Leasing
Sector: Finance
Website: http://www.raiffeisen-leasing.ro

Sibiu 2007 - European Capital of Culture
Sector: Cultural Marketing
Website: http://www.sibiu2007.ro

Transylvania International Film Festival
Sector: Cultural Marketing
Website: http://www.tiff.ro


open close GN Interpartners
GN Interpartners

GN Interpartners is an independently owned full service creative agency, linked with the wider EMCG Eurasia Marketing Communication Group (Moscow).
"We believe in what we do and do what we believe... making sure to deliver solutions tailored to the specific challenges our clients are faced with on the huge Russian market".

Website: http://www.gn-inter.ru
Founded: 1995
Staff: 50

Presnenskaya embankment, 6 bld. 2, Empire Tower, 16 Floor
123317 Moscow, Russia

Phone: +7 495 775 85 00
Fax: +7 495 775 85 01

Interpartners contact person
Natalia Dmitrieva - n.dmitrieva@gn-inter.ru
Direct line: +7 495 775 85 00

Management team     open close

General Manager
Natalia Dmitrieva
Email: n.dmitrieva@gn-inter.ru

Key clients     open close

Media Markt
Sector: Retail
Website: http://www.mediamarkt.com

Sector: Telecommunications
Website: http://www.mtt.ru

P&G - Wella
Sector: Hair care
Website: http://www.pg.com

Red Bull
Sector: Energy Drinks
Website: http://www.redbull.com


open close AV Studio
AV Studio

AV Studio is a fully independent agency with more than 30 years of expertise in the field of marketing communication. It has been operating successfully in such spheres as web communication, advertising and design, photography, events and shopper marketing.

Website: http://www.av-studio.si
Founded: 1979
Staff: 55

Vojkova 52
SI-1000 Ljubljana (also office in Velenje)

Phone: +386 1 530 78 20
Fax: +386 1 530 78 31

Interpartners contact person
Ursa Mivsek - ursa.mivsek@av-studio.si
Direct line: +386 1 530 78 28

Management team     open close

Luco Zgank
Email: luco.zgank@av-studio.si

Managing director of Ljubljana division
Vladimir Nardin
Email: vladimir.nardin@av-studio.si

Project Director of Velenje division
Alenka Potocnik
Email: alenka.potocnik@av-studio.si

Key clients     open close

Banka Sparkasse
Sector: Banking
Website: http://www.sparkasse.si

Brdo State Protocol Services of the Republic of Slovenia
Sector: Protocol Services
Website: http://www.brdo.si/en

Sector: Household appliances
Website: http://www.gorenjegroup.com

Holding Slovenske elektrarne
Sector: Electricity
Website: http://ww.hse.si

Sector: Building materials
Website: http://lafarge.si

Sector: Tourisme
Website: http://www.lifeclass.net

Sector: Tourisme
Website: http://www.odisej.net

Portorose Tourist Association
Sector: Tourism
Website: http://www.portoroz.si/en

Sector: Hair care & Household products
Website: http://www.pg.com

Sector: Shopping malls
Website: http://www.qlandia.si

Spar Slovenija
Sector: Food retail
Website: http://www.spar.si

Sector: Food (chewing gums)
Website: http://www.wrigley.si


open close Slogan Group
Slogan Group

Slogan ranks among the independent agencies that have been instrumental in shaping the advertising scene in Spain with creative for clients such as Once, Repsol or Pasta Gallo. Recently taken over by a new management team led by CD and owner Albert Cambredo, today’s SloganGroup is fully geared to producing best-of-class content across a broad variety of communication channels.

Website: http://www.slogangroup.com
Staff: 18

HEADQUARTER: Calle Platon 6-8, 2° 2a, 08021 BARCELONA, Spain
Av. Navacerrada 4 PTL 1, Pozuelo de Alarcon, 28224, MADRID, Spain

Phone: +34 932 077 068

Interpartners contact person
Albert Cambredo - acambredo@slogangroup.com
Mobile: +34 667 278 066

Management team     open close

Director General
Albert Cambredo
Email: acambredo@slogangroup.com

Account Manager
David Zambrana
Email: dzambrana@slogangroup.com

Key clients     open close

Sector: Water
Website: http://www.cabreiroa.es

Estrella Galicia
Sector: Beer
Website: http://www.estrellagaliciausa.com

Sector: Sparkling wine
Website: http://www.freixenet.es

Sector: Publishing
Website: http://www.grazia.es/

Grupo Planeta
Sector: Publishing
Website: http://www.planeta.es

La Vanguardia
Sector: Newspaper
Website: http://www.lavanguardia.com

Sector: Energy
Website: http://www.repsol.com/es_en/

San Miguel
Sector: Beer
Website: http://www.mahou-sanmiguel.com

Sector: Wine
Website: http://www.torres.es

Vichy Catalan
Sector: Publishing

The Netherlands

open close Nijgh

Nijgh dates back to the very origin of Dutch advertising (1837) and has been building and inspiring brands ever since. But don’t let our founding year fool you! Nijgh has always been reinventing itself. This current age we strongly believe in the added benefits of strategic creative combined with, much called for, pragmatism. B2B, B2C and most importantly C2C marketing and the production of both on- and offline campaigns. Nijgh ranks among the best known VEA registered agencies of The Netherlands. Brandspiration!

Website: http://www.nijgh.com
Founded: 1837
Staff: 14

Spartapark Noord, 1
NL – 3027 VW Rotterdam
The Netherlands
(Postbox: 1470 – NL - 3000 BL Rotterdam)

Phone: +31 10 413 2360
Fax: +31 10 411 6684

Interpartners contact person
Cock Waaijer - waaijer@nijgh.com
Direct line: +31 10 413 2360
Mobile: +31 655 3737 80

Management team     open close

Managing director / partner
Cock Waaijer
Email: waaijer@nijgh.com

Creative Director Art - Partner
Chiel van de Ven
Email: vandeven@nijgh.com

Creative Director Copy-Partner
André van der Lugt
Email: vanderlugt@nijgh.com

Key clients     open close

Sector: HR & payroll services
Website: http://www.adp.com

Alfa Romeo
Sector: Automotive
Website: http://www.alfaromeo.nl

Sector: Electronic systems
Website: http://www.alphatron.nl

Sector: Food supplements
Website: http://www.bonusan.nl

Sector: Towage & Dredging
Website: http://www.boskalis.nl

Sector: Maritime services
Website: http://www.boskalis.com

Sector: Public transport
Website: http://www.connexxion.com

Sector: Energy
Website: http://www.essent.nl

Sector: Coffee manufacturer
Website: http://www.illy.com

LUMC / Erasmus MC
Sector: Healthcare and hospitals
Website: http://www.erasmusmc.nl

Sector: Trading company
Website: http://www.optiver.com

Sector: Enerrgy trading (part of RWE)
Website: http://www.powerhouse.nl

Rotterdam University
Sector: Corporate, Student and Employer branding
Website: http://www.hogeschoolrotterdam.nl

Sector: Towage
Website: http://www.smit.com

Sector: Football Club, highest class
Website: http://www.sparta-rotterdam.nl

UCLA Health
Sector: Recruitment
Website: http://www.uclahealth.org

USG People
Sector: Recruitment
Website: http://www.usgpeople.com

Wegener Multimedia
Sector: Publishing & Newspapers
Website: http://www.wegener.com


open close Art Grup
Art Grup

Ranks among the top-3 Turkish independent agencies. Structure comprises fully fledged advertising, PR and digital units, acting independently or collectively.
Hound is a specialised internet research division. Deliberate regional expansion policy with a subsidiary office in Baku.

Website: http://www.artgrup.com
Founded: 1986
Staff: 55

Cumhuriyet Caddesi pak apt. no:30 kat: 6 D: 13
Elmadag Sisli
34416  Istanbul

Phone: +90 212 247 50 16
Fax: +90 212 247 40 69

Interpartners contact person
Fehmi Özkan - fehmiozkan@artgrup.com

Management team     open close

General manager-partner
Özgür Saglam
Email: ozgurs@artgrup.com

General manager-partner
Fehmi Özkan
Email: fehmiozkan@artgrup.com

Finance director
Nejdet Alptigay
Email: nalptigay@artgrup.com

Creative director
Doğan Yarıcı
Email: dogany@artgrup.com

Key clients     open close

(See also clients Art Grup Albania & Azerbaijan)

Sector: Healthcare and Others
Website: http://www.abdiibrahim.com.tr

Sector: Housing
Website: http://www.agaoglu.com.tr

Sector: Laundry / Cleaning and Beauty Care
Website: http://www.always.com

Sector: Food & Beverages
Website: http://www.azersun.com

Sector: Laundry / Cleaning and Beauty Care

Sector: Durable Goods
Website: http://www.blomberginternational.com

Cosmopolitan, Forbes, Esquire, Bazaar, Home Art
Sector: Publishing
Website: http://www.turkuvazdergi.com.tr

Danone - (Azerbaijan)
Sector: Food
Website: http://www.danone.com

Sector: Food & Beverages
Website: http://www.eker.com.tr

Electro World
Sector: Retail
Website: http://www.electroworld.com.tr

Ferrero Rocher
Sector: Food & Beverages
Website: http://www.ferrero.com

Sector: Furniture
Website: http://www.idas.com.tr

Istanbul Ticaret Odasi
Sector: Chamber of Commerce
Website: http://www.ito.org.tr

Sector: Automotive
Website: http://www.kia.com.tr

Sector: Transportation

Sector: Retail
Website: http://www.migros.com.tr

Sector: Food & Beverages
Website: http://www.ferrero.com

Sector: Food & Beverages
Website: http://www.ofcay.com.tr

P&G - Rejoice - (Azerbaijan)
Sector: Hair Care
Website: http://www.pg.com

Pampers - (Azerbaijan)
Sector: Hygiene
Website: http://www.pampers.com

Sector: Telecommunications
Website: http://www.panasonic.com

Pantene Pro-V - (Azerbaijan)
Sector: Hair Care
Website: http://www.pantene.com

Pernod Ricard
Sector: Food & Beverages
Website: http://www.pernod-ricard.com

Sector: Healthcare
Website: http://www.roche.com.tr

Sector: Transportation
Website: http://www.daftirsan.com.tr

Sector: Kids Fashion
Website: http://www.wenice.com

Sector: Furniture
Website: http://www.yatas.com.tr

Ziraat Bankasi
Sector: Banking and Financial Services
Website: http://www.ziraat.com.tr

United Kingdom

open close Doner

Doner is an integrated agency. We specialise in advertising, both on and offline, email marketing (design & deployment) and website build and hosting.
Our Vision: Discovering the simple truth to deliver the cleanest message. Whether integrated campaigns promoting destination brands, donations for charities or changing brand or product perceptions - we look to find the simple truth behind all of our clients' marketing challenges.

Website: http://www.doner.co.uk
Founded: 1988
Staff: 50

60, Charlotte Street
London W1T 2NU
Great Britain

Phone: +44 20 7632 7600
Fax: +44 20 7632 7601

Interpartners contact person
Matthew McMinn - mmcminn@doner.co.uk
Direct line: +44 20 7632 7645

Management team     open close

Managing Director
Andrew Hawkins
Email: ahawkins@doner.co.uk

Business Development Director
Matthew McMinn
Email: mmcminn@doner.co.uk

Creative Director
Nick Scott
Email: nscott@doner.co.uk

Managing Partner
Nik Margolis
Email: nmargolis@doner.co.uk

Finance Director
David Hooper
Email: dhooper@doner.co.uk

Key clients     open close

Alfa Romeo
Sector: Automotive
Website: http://www.alfaromeo.co.uk/uk/home

Sector: Frozen food & catering solutions
Website: http://www.apetito.co.uk

Sector: Automotive
Website: http://www.chrysler.co.uk

COI, Welsh Assembly
Sector: Public services
Website: http://coi.gov.uk

Sector: Technology (Networks)
Website: http://www.dlink.com

Discovery Foods
Sector: Food
Website: http://www.discoveryfoods.co.uk

Football League Interactive
Sector: Sport
Website: http://www.flinteractive.com

Sector: Brewery
Website: http://www.fullers.co.uk

Invisalign (Align Technology)
Sector: Dental care
Website: http://www.invisalign.com

Sector: Office equipment
Website: http://www.lexmark.com

Sector: Automotive
Website: http://www.mgmotor.co.uk

Sector: Cameras
Website: http://www.nikon.com

Sector: Publishing
Website: http://www.pearson.com

Procter & Gamble Wella
Sector: Hair care
Website: http://www.pg.com

Saint Agur
Sector: Cheese
Website: http://www.dreamcheese.co.uk

Sector: Energy
Website: http://www.shell.com

Sector: Home products
Website: http://www.teflon.com



open close One For All
One For All

One For All is an independent full service creative agency, wholly Australian owned based in Sydney. We have a strong mix of blue-chip and retail clients. At One For All we're all about creating great creative, but at the same time, making sure that it is both effective and accountable for our clients. Our partnership with the Interpartners Network gives us the strength of a global agency whilst enabling us to maintain our local identity

Website: http://www.oneforall.com.au
Founded: 1996
Staff: 12

Ground 46-52 Meagher Street, Chippendale NSW 2008, Australia

Phone: +61 414 55 66 25 or +61 2 9281 5544

Interpartners contact person
Rob Willett - rob@willettsworld.com
Direct line: +61 414 55 66 25

Management team     open close

Managing Consultant
Rob Willett
Email: rob@willettsworld.com

Managing Director
Dave Petschack
Email: dave@oneforall.com.au

Key clients     open close

Green’s Foods
Sector: FMCG
Website: http://www.greens.com.au

National Nine Network
Sector: Media
Website: http://channelnine.ninemsn.com.au

Pilot Pen Australia
Sector: Stationery
Website: http://www.pilotpen.com.au

Universal Pictures International
Sector: Film Distribution
Website: http://www.universalpictures.com.au


open close Tropical Communications
Tropical Communications

Tropical is providing a broad range of creative, multi-channel resources. Recently, the agency integrated a digital unit so as to deliver true across-the-line skills and facilities. Cost-effectiveness is a priority. Singapore also functions as a hub for continental Asian markets, thanks to structural cooperation arrangements with local partners.

Website: http://www.tc.sg
Staff: 22

120 Lower Delta Road, Cendex Centre
#15-16 Singapore 169208

Phone: +65 6538 3321
Fax: +65 6533 2212

Interpartners contact person
Ng Buck Hoon - missng@tc.sg

Management team     open close

Chiu Liu Chian
Email: lcchiu@pacific.net.sg

KC. Tan
Email: kc@breadmedia.com.sg

Key clients     open close

Sector: Furniture
Website: http://www.bilture.com

Dynasty Travel
Sector: Tourism
Website: http://www.dynastytravel.com.sg

General Motors (Chevrolet)
Sector: Automotive
Website: http://chevroletsingapore.com

Hybrid Motors
Sector: Automotive
Website: http://www.hybridmotors.com.sg

Mega Store
Sector: Retail

Sector: Games

Singapore Polo Club
Sector: Sport
Website: http://www.singaporepoloclub.org

U-Home Interior
Sector: Home decoration
Website: http://www.u-home.com.sg

Sector: Tyres
Website: http://www.yokohamatire.com

The Americas

United States & Canada

open close DONER US

Website: http://www.doner.com

Offices in: Detroit (Soutfield), Dallas, Cleveland, Newport Beach (Ca), Toronto

Interpartners contact person
Andrew Hawkins (DCH London) - ahawkins@dch.co.uk

open close SELECTNY. NewYork

Website: http://www.selectny.com

131 Varick Street, PH
New York, NY 10013
United States

Phone: +1 212-367 3560

Interpartners contact person
Gerhard Aretz - garetz@selectny.com

The Middle East


open close theAdkitchen

theAdkitchen(Dubai) began operating in 2009, the modest five-person team grew in less than 3 years into a medium-sized operation of passionate, award-winning professionals with expertise across various industries and discipline…And still growing.. The agency has added a range of domestic and international clients since, exploring synergies, going the extra mile to make things happen across the region. Ex COO at Focus Middle East, Euro-RSCG and Team Y&R were some of the posts he had held, explaining how he knows how to beat competition and provide his clients with a recipe for growth.

Website: http://theadkitchen.com
Founded: 2009
Staff: 22

Dubai Media City Loft Office - 2 - Entrance D, #404
P.O. Box 502846
Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Phone: +971 4 439 36 55
Fax: +971 4 439 36 03

Interpartners contact person
Fady Karim - fady.karim@theadkitchen.com
Mobile: +971 505050313
Skype: tak.fadykarim

Management team     open close

Chief Executive Officer
Fady Karim
Email: fady.karim@theadkitchen.com

Key clients     open close

al hilal bank
Sector: Banking
Website: http://www.alhilalbank.ae

Aldar Property
Sector: Property Management
Website: http://www.aldar.com

Sector: Asset Management Group
Website: http://www.ejadah.ae

jadah Holding
Sector: Asset Management Group
Website: http://www.ejadah.ae

Meraas Holding
Sector: Real estate
Website: http://www.meraas.com

Sector: Electronichome appliances
Website: http://www.philips.com

Salwan Property
Sector: Property Management
Website: http://www.salwan.ae


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