Why advertisers are disregarding baby boomers

Baby boomers have the money. A good reason to go after them in a different way.

Advertisers tend to disregard the over-50’s, notwithstanding the fact that most agree that the market offers terrific opportunities. A survey undertaken in the UK by YouGov and Senioragency* found that among 1500 mature consumers, 45 % believed ads showed how older people looked rather than how they felt. Sporadic attempts by the industry to connect with the “grey” market have often failed because of client disinterest.

According to Andrew Hawkins (managing director of DCH, our partner agency in London):   “The situation (of the 50+ market) isn’t improving because not enough agencies and advertisers are treating mature consumers with empathy and understanding. This market isn’t a homogeneous mass in which one size fits all.

A 50-year-old has more in common with a 25-year old than with somebody in their nineties. Advertising is all about aspiration, but there’s a false assumption that you can’t be aspirational unless you’re young. Also, nobody wants to be seen launching products at mature audiences.

Digital-led communications holds the key to change because it’s there that mature consumers can interact with brands in their own time and space”.

* Senioragency (UK) is a division aligned with our London partner agency DCH (www.dch.co.uk).